United We Stand – A collaborative music project

Prateek posted this song on behalf of Sanour Sunny Mohammad, who is a sound engineer with Sandeep Chowta.

This is what Sunny has to say about the song

“We being musicians/technicians, can express our thoughts and present it to the world in our own pleasing way … So come on guys and girls, seniors and amateurs, contribute in this song, by taking part. I am uploading the idea of the song. The tune and the arrangement pattern will be same further, but according to the members submissions, i may change it. Drummers can record drums, guitarists can do guitars, singers can do vocals/harmonies/aalaps/, flautists can do flute, sitarists can do sitar portions, watever they like, but associated with the song. Its not necessary to play the same thing, but ya over the same track u have to do it. Anyone can contribute. Take the song in ur session, put the song on the first or bar of ur choice, and go on!!!!! I have bounced the track on bar, so it will sit on the tempo mentioned on the song page. If anyone wants the song in some other way, like only rhythms, i can do tht even, and send it to them.." Sunny did this song as a base stuff and invited other Muziboo members to collaborate and contribute to this song. He provided the minus track and his vocals track separately. I liked the music, lyrics and the whole concept and I was humming along as I listened to the song. After I finished listening, I recorded the aalaaps and humming part. Then I cut some vocal portion of Sunny's original song and put some Malayalam lyrics there. Just to mention, the lyrics was an instant creation. I recorded the Malayalam part and mixed the song altogether and posted it. So it all happened in one hour (I added the last Vande Mataram bit on Saturday). The complete lyrics of the song and Sunny's original song can be heard from here.

The Malayalam lyrics is as given below

ii bhaaratha bhUvil nanmayum Saanthiyum pularaTTE chidra SakthikaL nilam pathikkaTTE uNaRnnonnaayuyaRnnu paaTaam jayikkaTTE bhaarathaambaa

A rough translation of this would be

May love and peace prevail in the land of India May the divisive powers fall Let us wake up and sing together May the victory be with mother India

The original lyrics by Sunny

Don’t u think u make mothers cry Don’t u think innocents die Don’t u think u r hurting a nations heart Don’t u think u r making kids apart Please stop this!!! Please stop this!!! Please stop this!!! Please stop this!!! Will ur mother be proud of what u r doing Will sumone forgive u, for what u r doing U r hurting a nations life U r killing a world of smile Whatever u did in the past We were together Whatever u do further We will be together United we stand United we stand United we stand United we stand Its a request Its a warning for u Its so disgusting The things u really do U took smiles away from so many kids around U took hearts away from some ones bound Don't u think we r afraid of u WE can get u down One day will come u will plead us for mercy Then we will show u how Show u how…. UNITED WE STAND UNITED WE STAND UNITED WE STAND UNITED WE STAND War isn't an answer To the questions u really dnt know War will just give a loss And nothing, even to u Be ready to face us We’ll strike together We r coming together U really cant beat us forever
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