Preventive automotive maintenance of your vehicle to avoid breakdowns

Corrective maintenance is generally the most common in the vast majority of companies, which generally aim for the highest possible profit, postpone a series of controlled repairs to vehicle fleets. In such cases, a part of the vehicle (engine, tires,…

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Air conditioning and fuel consumption

When it’s hot, air conditioning is very much appreciated. This allows us to enjoy a pleasant ride with fresh air and to avoid air and noise pollution. Yes, but there is a negative point, and not the least, since it…

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How to save your tires?

In 2017, the French paid on average €6,063 for their car, according to the Automobile Club Association. Expenditure, particularly on maintenance, has increased from 3% to 3.9% depending on the vehicle, since 2016. Among all these costs, changing tyres remains…

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Fighting car corrosion

Corrosion is one of the car’s enemies. Even if recent cars are better protected, it is important to do a few simple things to prevent or delay this phenomenon. Here are our tips. The enemy of bodywork Corrosion is the…

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