thrissur Thrissur, the cultural capital of kerala, came in to being in 1957, was called 'Thrissivaperoor'.Thiru + siva + periya + oor =Thrissivaperoor. (It means 'the land of lord siva'.It was Maharaja Ramavarma (who is also known as Sakthan Thampuran) to whom the modern Thrissur is ever indebted, rebuilt Thrissur from the destruction caused by the attacks of Tippu Sultan's army. This sacred land had visited by religious icons like sree Sankaracharya, Swamy Vivekananda and St:Thomas.Sree Narayana Guru, who fought against the caste system in hindu religion founded his first temple in Koorkanchery. The first newspaper which published from Thrissur was "Lokamanyan" in 1920. Then came "Deenabandhu" in 1941.Now all the leading morning and evening newspapers in Kerala has editions from Thrissur. Thrissur is the center for three scheduled banks - South indian bank, Dhanalakhshmi bank and Catholic syrian bank. There is also a lot of chit companies around the city. This has helped a lot of people to solve their financial problems. There are over 4200 chit companies around the city.

General Information

  • Area : 3032 Sq Km.
  • Population : 27,37,311 (1991 census)
  • Languages : Malayalam (96%), Tamil (2.5%), konkani (0.40%), Tulu (0.41%), Kannada (0.27%), Telugu (0.24%). English also spoken.
  • Religion : Hinduism, Islam, Christianity.
The cultural institutions like sahitya academy, lalithakala academy and sangeetha nataka academy are all located in the heart of the city. The one and only fine arts college under calicut university is in Thrissur. The national school of drama, only one of it's kind in kerala, situated in Thrissur. Thrissur also have an engineering college, a medical college, and an ayurvedic college. Thrissur is also well known for it's gold trade. As official reports says, there is happening a sum of Rs.700 crore business in this field every year only in Thrissur. Thrissur is also famous in the Indy-Pop Scene. The Indy-Pop bands like Seven and Jigsawpuzzle are from Thrissur.