The underwater waterfall of Mauritius

If you fly over the south-west of Mauritius in Africa, you could witness a phenomenon that looks like a crazy underwater waterfall! An incredible waterfall under the turquoise seas, a unique and breathtaking landscape. But beware of appearances...

About the underwater waterfall in Mauritius

What looks like a waterfall is in fact a sandfall reaching a depth of more than 4,000 metres at the bottom of the abyss, starting from a high coastal plateau and carried to darker depths by ocean currents. Mauritius was created about 8 million years ago by volcanic eruptions. Mauritius is located on one of the largest submarine plateaus in the Indian Ocean, at the edge of the plateau. Ocean currents push the sand from the nearby beaches off the plateau, producing the effect of a waterfall. The mountain we can see is the Morne Brabant, more commonly known as "le Morne" (a Creole word meaning hill or mountain, coming from the deformation of the Spanish morro). This optical illusion is located in the south west of Mauritius. Le Morne mountain, which measures 550 metres in altitude, is classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Morne Brabant was once a refuge for runaway slaves, who killed themselves by throwing themselves off the top of the mountain to avoid torture and slavery. One of the most unusual landscapes in Africa.

How to see the underwater waterfall of Mauritius

You will have to fly over the south-western part of the island by helicopter or tourist plane. Many agencies offer to make you discover this fascinating illusory waterfall, I invite you for example to ask for an estimate (free) to this agency which works with experts on the spot. Specify well that you wish to fly over the waterfall in your request!

Pictures of the underwater waterfall in Mauritius

A few lucky people were able to fly over the famous sand cascade with a drone or a helicopter (the second choice is much more attractive because you can see it with your own eyes). Here are some breathtaking shots.
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