Digital scrapbooking, how to make a travel diary on a computer

In the end, on a computer or not, it doesn't change much, at least in my approach. The idea is still to make a memory book, mixing collages, texts, and anything else you can imagine. Digital technology has two advantages though, apart from the fact that nothing really stays glued (and that you can therefore change your layout easily): you can use your photos directly without printing them, and you can make photo books in multiple copies.

A travel journal: what is it and what is it for? A travel journal is mainly made up of texts, collages and drawings. However, you can add photos, paintings, sketches and anything else that is related to your trip. Feel free to add coupons, a postcard, beach sand, or a train ticket. This way, you can share your travels with your friends and family through your travel diary.

What is the purpose of a travel diary?

The purpose of a travel journal is to create memories that you will keep forever. It is important to note that you can fill in your travel diary on site during your stay, or from the comfort of your own home once you have returned.
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Purpose of a travel journal

There are two types of travel books nowadays. Firstly, there are the artists' notebooks, which you will find in bookshops. They are usually made to be edited with exceptional layouts and beautiful watercolours. This is perfect for travelling to distant countries. Nevertheless, it is the notebooks of anonymous people that are the most interesting. They are unique and authentic and are filled in by people who are not artists. It is up to you to decide to whom you wish to show yours (neighbour, family, friends...) It is an exceptional object, a rare gift idea that is always a pleasure.
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