Vadhoo, this heavenly sandbank that sparkles and lights up in electric blue at nightfall seems unreal... This long beach covered with billions of points of light is called "sea of stars" because its sparkling and sparkling sea water gives the illusion of reflecting the starry sky!

About the Sea of Stars on Vaadhoo Island

Vaadhoo Island is part of Atol Raa, located on the equator southwest of Sri Lanka in the Indian Ocean. Vaadhoo is known for its phytoplankton of the seas that light up at night when the waves hit the beach during red tides. These tides are caused by the accumulation of aquatic microorganisms and therefore a high concentration of phytoplankton in the water. Bioluminescence occurs only in warm coastal waters and is found on many nearby beaches. This phenomenon gives the place a paradisiacal landscape.

How do I get to the Sea of Stars in Vaadhoo?

Vaadhoo is one of the uninhabited islands that has been developed for tourists and divers from all over the world. To get to Vaadhoo, you will have to travel from your hotel by seaplane or boat. The islands of Vilamendhoo, Kuredu, Fihalhohi are also recommended for a chance to witness this luminous phenomenon.

Which agency to see this show?

To witness such a phenomenon you must contact an expert agency on site. There are many agencies that are recommended, they work with the best professionals in the Maldives. You can contact them to ask for a quote (it's free) specifying that you are looking for a tour that takes you to Vadhoo beach or another beach where it is possible to observe this fairy tale show.

When to see the sea of stars?

The "sea fireflies" can be observed all year round. It's a bit like the Northern Lights. The phenomenon of bioluminescence is unpredictable. However, your chances seem to be highest between August and November.