Turquoise stone: a guide to lithotherapy


Lithotherapy is an unconventional form of medicine that utilizes the colours and energy of stones to create body harmony. Minerals deposits and stones have qualities and vibrations that aid in removing psychological and physical stress. When worn as pendants or places onto chakras, it is believed that the organ connected to them receives healing. Hence, litho therapy maintains a balance between the body, mind, and spirit. It helps an individual at a spiritual, psychological, and physical level. Undergoing lithotherapy facilitates the eradication of emotional blockages and discovery of a heightened alertness. The energy within stones is associated with their colour, composition, and form.

Turquoise stone and its meaning

This is a bright blue crystal stone that is ranked among the oldest stones. Kings, soldiers, and religious leaders have used it as a talisman for centuries. It was named by Turkish soldiers when they carried it as an amulet to Europe. The gemstone is from the Alumina Phosphate group. Mostly, it is semi-opaque and it is made of aluminium, oxygen, copper, iron, phosphorous, and hydrogen. You have a chance of finding this stone in arid and desert environments. It is available in different shades of blue and changes into copper colour when mixed with acid. The stone is a natural guard against all things that are not serving your body and mind. As a result of it been mined since early human history, it’s been in use for many centuries. Its most common uses are in natural stone jewellery and it is believed to bring power, protection, and luck. According to www.minerals-kingdom.com, ancient deposits of the stone have been exhausted due to prolonged mining with Iran being the only country with large amounts of the deposits.

In crystal healing, this stone is linked to personal protection, where ancient warriors used it as a protective shield when going for battle. The stunning and bright hue of the stone has been found on battle gear and ceremonial masks worn by the Aztecs tribe. The tribe treasured the decorative stone as they believed in its protection against negative forces. In people who lived during ancient times, it was a bodyguard against challenges of ancient times and invading marauders. Persians believed that the crystals brought good luck whenever it mirrored the light of the new moon. The stone acts as a spiritual balm to soothe a heart that has been wounded by chronic stress and old emotional wounds.

For a long time, the stone has been proven to possess the power to shield riders from injuries brought about by falls. Its early uses show Turkish soldiers using it as amulets on themselves, their trappings and bridles, but later used as a protector against all types of falls. It is said that, when wearing this stone when sad or sick, it grows pale and if the owner dies, it loses all colour. When it is acquired by a new owner who is happy and healthy, it deepens its colour as days pass by. Historically, the stone has been credited with helping its owner secure friendly regard, proving true the notion that anyone who owns the stone never lacks a friend. In some communities, it was worn to protect oneself against evil. However, it was said to emit protective energy if it was gifted by a friend. Owners of the stone believed that it restored their thinking abilities by clearing their minds.

Another property of this stone is its value as an ornamental gem where it was seen to represent male power. Men in ancient times considered having an adornment with the stone as proof of their masculinity. Nowadays, we know that this stone empowers both men and women in equal measure; either carried or worn, it is a good luck charm, ambition, success, and creativity.

At the workplace, wearing the stone aids in regular career travel, promotes leadership, and helps the wearer avoid reckless investments. Writers can have the stone to overcome writer’s block and communicate clearly when making a speech; it really helps people working within law enforcement within local and central government. Computer operators and accountants can use this natural stone for mental relaxation, television and radio hosts to release anxiety, and labourers for protection against bodily harm. As travelling crystals, they shield you and your belongings from attacks, loss, and theft, assist in preventing accidents such as falls and even protects your pets. When you attach it to a bridle, collar, or cage, it prevents your animals from being stolen or straying, and makes horses obedient to the rider.

Healing benefits


• Mental benefits

The greatest gift of this stone is to help us realize that each part of us makes the component of our divine self; to embrace and understand. It encourages us to accept ourselves as we are. It has the potential of releasing regrets and attaining self-acceptance. This stone assists with blocks that involve forgiving and receiving forgiveness. It is natural for a person to evade people and memories that upset them or causes them pain. It is common to experience pain and darkness in life, but we can regain wholeness by integrating these components of existence. Although the process is not easy, the healing stone reminds us that healing is a journey that everyone must make to obtain healing. At the end of the journey, you will appreciate the painful experiences as lessons to gain compassion and wisdom. If you have trouble loving and accepting yourself or you have trouble forgiving someone close to you, meditate using this stone or wear is as natural stone jewellery by placing it over your heart and asking for its help.

• Physical benefits

In litho therapy, the stone has effects on bodily fluids, pain, and the nervous system. These natural stones cleanse and regulate bodily fluids, that is, sperm, blood, urine, or hormonal secretions. It also normalizes the nervous system hence strengthens it. Also, the stone prevents poisoning and excess cholesterol in addition to preventing throat and lung diseases.

Furthermore, the stone strengthens the meridian and energy fields, limits excesses, and reduces excess acidity to regulate nutrition. Lithotherapists use the stone for stomach treatment in conditions that include pain, rheumatism, cramps, and muscular problems. This stone is anti-inflammatory and detoxifying, and treats eye diseases such as cataracts and improving vision.

• Metaphysical benefits

This is one of the recognized birthstones representing the month of December, and seen as the communication stone. It supports enthusiasm hence inspires new projects and brings discovers unknown artistic abilities. Also, the stone makes you better understand concepts and encourages attentiveness to attract success and prosperity. It is a belief that the stone enhances your ability to communicate and increases your resistance to viruses; helps relieve allergies and sore throats.


Having this stone with you is like having a wingman taking care of you. As Quartz powers watches and electronics, this stone’s healing powers are programmable allowing you to hit your highest vibration through setting of particular healing objectives. It is a good luck charm for abundance and health that realigns your energy centres that helps clear the way to attain higher consciousness. Incorporate the properties of this stone into your meditation to enjoy its calmness and tranquillity. This magical stone enables you to stay connected to water’s healing energy, which is the origin of life and life-giving component that upholds the planet. With something as simple as staring at the stone and positively affirming yourself, you will unlock the endless potentials of the universe.

The natural stones are vibrant and attractive to add a dash of colour to an outfit giving it an acceptable brightness to the wardrobe. It also enhances the well-being by rejuvenating all chakra centres and lifting the spirits; heal your heart and look fabulous. If this stone has managed to enter your life, it shows that you really need its healing powers. It acts like your soul’s multi-vitamin to give you an alluring glow emanating from an improved sense of self-confidence. Wear a necklace made from the stone by your heart and witness heal you with its positive and life-affirming sensations.

Care and maintenance

The stone is a hydrous compound that consists of aluminium and copper, meaning that it fades upon losing water. To keep this natural stone hydrated, you should water it just as you do to houseplants using salty water to revitalize and maintain colour. Remember that the stone is porous hence can be damaged by chemicals. When cleaning, use a soft cloth and pure water to avoid damaging it. When wearing it as jewellery, your skin natural oil will polish the stone naturally hence you do not have to apply anything else. Do not store the stone together with hard gemstones or materials as they can rub against it and damage it. Keep it away from direct sunlight as it causes fading, chlorine bleach, dish water, and excessive sweat also causes the stone to fade.

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