The watch: an essential fashion accessory

For a successful look, clothing must be accessorized with the right pieces. Among the most popular accessories for women are jewellery (earrings, bracelets, rings, necklaces...), bags and shoes, glasses, scarves, hats... These elements make the look more original but they also intensify it. In this article, I will tell you about a fashion accessory that some women neglect: the wristwatch.

Birth of the watch

Successive civilizations have all had the goal of measuring and mastering time, this invisible enemy against which we can do nothing. For a very long time, human beings have been looking for a way to represent its flow. Today, the watch is the most common device for telling time. The word "watch" is a combination of two definitions:
  • The glass case in which jewellers and goldsmiths display their wares so that you can see them without having to touch them.
  • The plate indicating the hours in a clock. Previously, clocks in churches had watches inside and outside. For today's watches, the plate indicates the dial.
The watch has been considered a fashion accessory since the end of the 15th century. Around 1480, the first watches appeared. At that time, they were pocket watches, an advanced clock with a spring replacing the balance wheel. Thanks to the ring on the side, these watches could be worn as a sautoir, or at the end of a chain worn around the neck. But most often, the first watches were worn in a pocket (gusset) of a waistcoat or jacket. From the 19th century onwards, the watch was worn on the wrist and was called a "wristwatch". Over time, the watch has undergone major changes in terms of mechanism, material and design. Today, it has become a very modern accessory allowing the measurement of time and the embellishment of an outfit.

How to choose your watch

In some specialist shops, you can discover a wide range of cheap women's watches. But before making a purchase, there are a few criteria to take into account:

The style

The watches on the market come in different styles. Some are more elegant and chic, some in sportswear version, others in bling bling, in classic version... So, the first criterion is to choose the most adapted style! It is according to the look of your watch that you will easily find the adapted outfit. The choice of a style depends on your personal taste but also on the occasion.

The size

Not every watch can fit your wrist. So you need to choose the model that will fit your wrist perfectly. For example, if you have a smaller wrist circumference, choose a bracelet that is not too wide and a reduced dial. On the other hand, a large wrist requires a bracelet that is not too thin and a large dial.


Comfort is a feature of great importance in watch selection. Above all, your watch must be comfortable to wear. For a watch that is worn every day, it should not hinder your movements while you are working. If you move your hand during the holy day, then forget about heavy watches. However, you can always opt for the largest or smallest watches regardless of the size of your wrist. You just have to choose the right occasion to wear them better.

The material of the bracelet

If you opt for an elegant watch, the leather or metal bracelet remains the safe bet. But leather promises you a more lasting durability if you want a watch that lasts for years. This is because metal, like steel, tends to oxidize. Elegant watches have the advantage of being able to match any look. For a sporty watch suitable for a casual or sporty look, the choice is very wide. You can go for a fabric, rubber or canvas (PVC, silicone) strap.

The dial

Some dials indicate the numbers for better readability while others do not. The selection depends on your preferences. Simply choose the model that you find most convenient. Regarding the protective glass of the dial, the mineral glass is the most present on the market because it is highly resistant to UV and scratches.

The design

Since the watch is a fashion accessory, its design should be highlighted. Therefore, choose watches with a clean design. Textures and colours will define the quality of your watch. These details will make all the difference.

The choice of colour and the various accessories

The watches are sold in different colours. It is entirely possible to rely on your desires at the moment by selecting the colour that makes the most impact on you. But note that it is still necessary to base your choice on your skin tone. For lighter skin, for example, you should avoid watches with a white strap. If you are a woman with a matt skin, choose all colours except those that are too dark (black, brown, ...). As for the rhinestones and the dial patterns, it is a matter of taste.

Why wear a watch?

Nowadays, smartphones are an integral part of everyday life. So, we can say that we no longer need a watch to tell us the time. But know that a watch is a chic asset as long as you choose the model that suits your personality. Even if you don't wear any other jewellery, a beautiful watch will certainly make a great addition to your outfit. A watch can also be a souvenir to be passed on from generation to generation.

How to take care of your watch?

Watches are accessories that are supposed to last longer. To achieve this, they must be well cared for. Even if it is water-resistant, it is not recommended to wear your watch when taking a bath or while swimming as it may damage it. Never sleep with your watch in order to avoid possible shocks. For regular servicing of your watch, consult a watchmaker. Now you know all about watches. So all you have to do is discover the collection that suits you best.
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