Peas and stripes, the motifs of the season

Choosing a pattern is primarily a matter of personal taste. But we can also ask ourselves which print will be the most appropriate according to our morphology. Any general advice? For the slightly round morphologies, we prefer rather small patterns. But above all, we take care of the fall of the garment: it's often the quality of the fabric that will make the difference. If you hesitate to adopt polka dots, rest assured: it is a classic pattern, truly timeless, which fits everyone. As for stripes, they are more delicate to wear. Horizontal stripes are recommended for taller women because they tend to have a tightening effect. Vertical stripes, which lengthen the silhouette, are generally flattering on rounder morphologies.

Mixed prints

In the collection, peas are declined in many different ways. We like classic polka dots, which we adopt in a casual way on a small sweater that is easy to live with with jeans. You can also play with mixed prints, mix & match style, by associating polka dots and floral arabesque patterns: a romantic look is guaranteed! Finally, polka dots will be chic on a twin-set combining a cardigan and a thin navy blue polka dot sweater on a light background: a perfect combination for a little retro look! Timeless, polka dots are an absolutely essential pattern in the wardrobe of elegant women.

Between polka dots and stripes, have you made your choice for this summer?

Stripes are also a classic fashion pattern that comes in many different ways. We will fall for the colourful stripe, in a bayadère striped spirit, on a flowing shirt perfect with jeans. The sailor style is obviously a must in summer. The sailor's top is an essential part of the fashion wardrobe and the collection turns this garment around with style: fall for the 2 in 1 tee-shirt which combines a striped top and an elegant white shirt. Finally, the stripe is graphic chic on an airy top which dares superposition and asymmetry.
Wear a chic and elegant formal dress!
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