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Today, there are many online information platforms like, allowing you to find out all the news in a few clicks, and we’re no different! Thanks to our regularly updated articles, it is possible to find out the latest important information and follow the progress of major national and international events from your Smartphone or tablet at any time.

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We specialize in Internet startup news and technology trends. You can find in-depth articles written by experts and leaders in the high-tech field and thus understand the digital world in a few clicks.

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High-tech trends, IT news, and the latest technological innovations are found here! By reading our articles, you can learn about the latest high-tech discoveries, and be informed about new technologies and innovative practices.

If you’re a computer science and High Tech enthusiast, you should know that you’re definitely in the right place! Here, we use our knowledge and know-how to inform you on a daily basis of the news in these fields.

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All the crucial information on digital techniologies for business and marketing as well as all the news about connected objects that are invading our daily lives. More about this subject on

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Our platform is useful for any those who are eager to know the latest celebrity gossip and want to keep up to date with the latest news about Hollywood and its stars. To find out all the latest news about your favourite stars, their latest fashion craziness and their most recent outings, all you have to do is visit our celebrities section and thus keep abreast of all the new changes taking place in your favourite artistic universe.

We inform you about cultural events such as exhibitions, trendy evenings, music and fashion. Enjoy rare and exciting stories about your favorite singers, actors and celebrities. Knowing everything about them is now easier than it has ever been!

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Today, many real estate agencies are putting their ads online, and real estate services on the Web are booming: virtual tours, portals for comparing offers, practical information sheets… Joplanet gives you the keys to find your way around.

Today, with the Internet, the buyer or the seller can do (almost) everything with a click from home: evaluate a property, see ads, make virtual visits, create alerts, put several agencies in competition…

Real estate analysis

Several practical sheets as well as experts analysis on rather sharp topics.

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Find out the results of your favourite team and the rankings of various motorsport championships. The news that are presented here have been specially sorted for you, so that you can be up to date with all the news about your favourite sports.

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Find all the sports and follow the news of football, rugby, basketball, cycling, F1, volleyball, handball, just all the sports results… Don’t miss any sports news, expert analysis, interviews, transfers and reviews in all disciplines.

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You have the possibility to access only the sports section so you don’t miss anything about football, tennis, Rugby, NBA, etc. Take full advantage of all the news that you can read for free on our sports section, because that’s what we do best!